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Stay tuned for our fall 2024 breedings and wait lists. All our winter kids have been placed, and spring kids are pending.

Breedings: Mission
Harvesting Crop Field

Dam: MCH & BIS Lady Daphne
Sire: MCH Bluebonnet Acres Butterscotch

Triplets: 2 doelings,1 buckling
Born May 8, 2024

Dam: MCH & BIS Matus Mini Meadows Lulu

Sire: Full Circle Jack 'B' Nimble

Twins: doeling and buckling
Jan 1st, 2024


Dam: Flying J Bellini 
Sire: Full Circle Jack 'B' Nimble

Twin bucklings
Jan 1st, 2024

Dam: Flying J Infatuation

Sire: Full Circle Jack 'B' Nimble

Twin doelings
Born Jan 5, 2024


Dam: Jubilee's Oakley

Sire: Full Circle Jack 'B' Nimble

Twin doeling and buckling 

Born Jan 8, 2024

Breedings: Meet the Team
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