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Spring 2023 kids

Babies are coming this spring! If you would like to inquire about a specific doe/buck breeding please email with questions, wish lists, and waiting lists.

Breedings: Mission

Spring 2023 Breedings


Jubilee's Cordelia
MCH CFF Simply Spectacular
Due April 18, 2023

Repeat breeding. Previous breeding produced a striking single buckling, Benjamin Button, whom we retained.

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Jubilee's Oakley
MCH CFF Simply Spectacular
Due May 5, 2023

Repeat Breeding. Previous breeding produced two beautiful doelings. We retained Coming up Roses from 2022, who won a Reserve Grand at just 6 mo!

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Jubilee's Truly Scrumptious and 
MCH CFF Simply Spectacular
Due May 4, 2023

Excited for this new pairing which we anticipate will produce kids with a beautiful soft coat and great conformation.

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Jubilees Juniper


Jubilees Holland 

Due May 14, 2023

We are excited for this new breeding which we are hopeful will produce small confirmation, striking coat color, blue eyes, and a fun personality!   

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Breedings: What's Happening
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