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We have four does due this Fall! The gorgeous MCH Lulu, Oakley, Bellini, and Infatuation are expecting! All Babies will be bottle fed, lots of blue eyes expected, wait lists are activated:) If you would like to inquire about a specific breeding please email with questions.

Breedings: Mission
Harvesting Crop Field

Dam: MCH & BIS Lady Daphne
Sire: MCH Bluebonnet Acres Butterscotch

Due May 8, 2024

Dam: MCH & BIS Matus Mini Meadows Lulu

Sire: Full Circle Jack 'B' Nimble

Twins: doeling and buckling
Jan 1st, 2024


Dam: Flying J Bellini 
Sire: Full Circle Jack 'B' Nimble

Twin bucklings
Jan 1st, 2024

Dam: Flying J Infatuation

Sire: Full Circle Jack 'B' Nimble

Twin doelings
Born Jan 5, 2024


Dam: Jubilee's Oakley

Sire: Full Circle Jack 'B' Nimble

Twin doeling and buckling 

Born Jan 8, 2024

Breedings: Meet the Team
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