Meet Our Beauties!

CFF Honey
Dam: Sweet Acres Bella
Sire: CFF Little John

Honey is our first silky and started it all! She is quietly in charge of everyone and loves grinning at people. She loves being brushed and thinks the attention is always for her. She is a white and chocolate colored doe with a coat that drapes the ground. 


CFF Simply Heather
Dam: RDreamfarms Hazel
Sire: MCH Flying J Simply Irresistible

Heather is a beautiful white, gray and peach, blue eyed doeling. She is sweet, gentle and loves snuggles. Her face and conformation are feminine. Her coat is full, silky and supple with a beautiful sheen.

East Coast Mini Silky Fife and Drum Classic May 2022

  *Reserve Grand Jr Doe Heart show

  *Reserve Grand Jr Doe Let Freedom Ring show

Rustic Elegance Mini Silky June 2022

   *Reserve Grand Jr Doe Maverick show

East Coast Mini Silky Show October 2022

   *Grand Champion Jr Doe Autumn       Leaves           

    *Grand Champion Jr Doe Crisp Days


Wakefield's Celtic Jewel
Dam: MCH Sol-Orr's Lady Liberty
Sire: MCH Sol-Orr's Baxter

Jewel is a sweet, petite, beautiful blue eyed doe. She has a white single coat with black legs and black spots. She is elegant and has a quintessential mini silky look.

East Coast Mini Silky Show May 2022

   *Grand Champion Doe Brave Hearts Show 


Jubilee's Juniper
Dam: Mulberry Meadows Nymeria
Sire: MCH Hootnanny Chisholm

Juniper aka "Junie Bug" has sparkling blue eyes and spunky bangs to match her personality. She loves people and is not afraid of much. She will follow you anywhere and is curious about everything. Her coat is a beautiful butterscotch, white and brown with touches of silver. It is thick, even, and luxurious. Her eyes and coat are similar to her sire's. 

East Coast Mini silky Show October 2022

   *Reserve Grand Sr Doe Harvest Time Show

   *Reserve Grand Sr Doe Crisp Days Show


Jubilee’s Truly Scrumptious 
Dam: MCH Jubilee's Christmas Wish
Sire: Flying J Second Chance

Truly is a beautiful petite chocolate doe. She has a soft and silky single layered coat with elegant face muffs. Her personality is sweet and friendly, and she loves people!


Jubilee's Cordelia
Dam: MCH Flying J Christmas Wish
Sire: MCH Hootnanny Chisholm

Cordelia has never met a stranger! Her personality is hilarious and she loves to sit on your lap. She is a beautiful black doe with mahogany highlights. Her coat is single layered, silky, and oh so shiny. Cordelia secretly does not think she is a goat!


Jubilees's Aspen
Dam: Mulberry Meadows Nymeria
Sire: MCH Hootnanny Chisholm

Aspen is a quiet, sweet, unassuming doe. She does not have a mean bone in her body. She loves attention but does not ask. She has beautiful blue eyes. Her coat is brown and butterscotch with lots of silver and cream throughout.


Jubilee's Oakley
Dam: MCH Jubilees Singing in the Rain
Sire: Jubilees Oz

Oakley is a striking white tri-colored doe. She is shy but super smart and out thinks the rest of the herd. She has wonderful conformation and she turns heads with everyone who visits the farm. Her peek-a-boo bangs match her personality. 


Hidden View Farm Coming Up Roses
Dam: Jubilee's Oakley
Sire: MCH CFF Simply Spectacular

Rosie is a black and white doeling we retained from our spring 2022 breedings. Her coat is soft and full and she has boots with the fur! She consistently placed first and second in her summer showings. We are excited to watch her mature! 

East Coast Mini silky Show October 2022

   *Reserve Grand Jr Doe Harvest time Show


Flying J Serenade
Dam: MCH Flying J Love Song
Sire: MCH Flying J Rip

Serenade is a petite small-statured doeling with a beautiful face and perfect ears. She is as cute as a button and quietly steadfast. Her coat is a beautiful white, brown, and striking red.


Flying J Bellini
Dam: MCH Flying J Contessa
Sire: MCH Flying J Rip

Bellini is a long and lean beautiful doe;ing with striking blue eyes. Her coat is a white and reddish-brown with a accent of black. She is smart and curious.


CFF Marvelous Mia
Dam: MCH Bells Goats Sweet Pea
Sire: MCH Flying J Simply Irresistible

Mia is a sweet mostly white, pink nosed doeling. Her coat is soft and thick and her conformation is beautiful. Her voice is soft.... She is the perfect little "Doll"


Bluebonnet Acres Celeste
Dam: MCH Flying J Zin
Sire: MCH Bluebonnet Acres Desperado

Celeste is "The Golden Queen". Her golden peach coat is soft and silky. She has white bangs that frame her petite face, and white on her side that showcase her dairy stature. She is quiet and friendly.