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Meet our Studs!

MCH CFF Simply Spectacular


Dam: Randolph's Luciana

Sire: MCH Flying J Simply Irresistible

Spectacular aka "Spec" is a beautiful buck. His coat is thick and soft with a ton of bangs and face muffs. He is mostly white with some tan/blue spots. He is gentle and sweet and loves to nuzzle. You will usually find Spec lounging outside regardless of the weather. He earned 4 Grands and his Master Championship by 20 months old.

East Coast Mini Silky Fife and Drum Classic -May 2022

   *Grand Champion -Bold Stripes show

   *Grand Champion -Bright Star Show

   *Grand Champion -Let Freedom Ring show

Oklahoma Mini Silky Show -May 2021

   *Grand Champion Twister show

   *Reserve Grand Rosa show


MCH Jubilee's Holland


Dam: Jubilee's Kiss Me Kate

Sire: Jubilees's Bismark

Holland aka "TomTom" is the funniest buckling. He is gray-tan with chocolate brown markings. His face and bangs are predominately white and he has piercing blue eyes which seem to say "Hi... I know you"! His dorsal stripe and underbelly are black. His colorful coat seems to match his fun confident personality that seems wise beyond his years. He won 2 Grands at 10 months old.

East Coast Mini Silky Fife and Drum Classic May 2023

      *Grand Champion- Stars and Stripes Show

       *Grand Champion- Yankee Doodle Show

       *Reserve Grand- Fainting for Freedom Show

East Coast Mini silky Fife and Drum Classic -May 2022

    *Grand Champion- Land of the Free show

     *Grand Champion -Old Glory show


MCH Bluebonnet Acres Butterscotch 


Dam: MCH Bluebonnet Acres Bellisima

Sire: MCH Bluebonnet Acres Cisco Kid

Butterscotch aka "Butters" is a beautiful gold buckling with striking confirmation. His coat is soft, silky, straight and single layered. You cannot help but reach out to feel his luxurious coat and smile at his sweet demeanor. He easily became a Master Champion at 20 months old....we are excited to start breeding his beautiful genetics and pedigree!  

Midwest Mini Silky Goat Show- Sept 2023

     *Grand Champion- Red Leaf Show

Pure Michigan Mini silky Show- June 2023

   *Grand Champion Jr buck- Black bear show

    *Grand Champion Jr buck- Osprey show

    *Reserve Grand Jr buck- Coyote show

     *Reserve Grand Jr buck- Bald eagle show

East Coast Mini Silky Show- May 2023

    *Grand Champion- Goats for Glory Show

     *Reserve Grand- Red, White, and Bleat Show

     *Reserve Grand- Baa-tle for Independence Show

East Coast Mini Silky Show -October 2022

   *Reserve Grand Jr Buck- Pumpkin Spice Show

   *Reserve Grand Jr Buck -Harvest Time Show

   *Reserve Grand Jr Buck- Crisp Days Show


MCH Hidden View Farm Benjamin Button 


Dam: Jubilee's Cordelia

Sire: MCH Simply Spectacular

Benny is a super friendly and inquisitive buckling we retained form our spring 2022 breedings. His coat is striking and he loves the show ring. Benny easily became a Master Champion at just 19 months old. His mild easy going personality will make him a staple here at the farm. 

Midwest Mini Silky Goat Show- Sept 2023

     *Grand Champion- Sunflower Show

      *Reserve Grand- Harvest Show

East Coast Mini Silky Show- May 2023

       *Grand Champion Jr Buck- Red, White, and Bleat Show

       *Grand Champion- Fainting for Freedom show



BIS & MCH Aislinn Meadows Col. Tavington


Dam: Aislinn Meadows Telestar

Sire: Aislinn Meadows Laurel

Tavy is the whole package! He has single coat with a silky feel and sheen. Awesome conformation and full of pride. He is sweet and personable. We newly welcome him to our selective breeding program!


Hidden View Farm Everest


Dam: Jubilee's Oakley

Sire: MCH CFF Simply Spectacular

Everest is a sweet and friendly, white and black buckling we retained from our spring 23' breedings. He does well in show and won his first Reserve Grand at the age of only 5 mo old!

Bucks: Meet the Team
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